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or, how I stopped worrying, and loved the potato.

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I apologize for not putting a message in here sooner!

I have gravitated my more official postings to my wordpress account, located at:

Have You Heard It Was Good To Gain The Day?

I eventually will start using this again, but wordpress is where it's at for me for now. Please update your bookmarks accordingly!


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I do in fact plan to discuss in detail what happened for me on day 3 of NAB. Between seeing Stan Lee, meeting Chris Hardwick, seeing the newest most awesome program by Discovery Channel, and making a few friends along the way, I nearly forgot that all this has to come to an end.

I ran down to the floor today for one last look around and I'm really glad I did. Got to talk to a few more people again, exchanged some infos, and kind of stocked up on hope for next year.

It's our last night in Vegas, and I really don't want to leave. But I'm looking forward with giddy anticipation to next year.

The other good news points are that I am planning to start working on this blog more often, possibly full time. I don't really know why, but I have the feeling I finally could be working to something that I'll be good at. It's very hard to quantify, but NAB gave me the feeling that I still can fill the niche that many people do not realize they are missing until they get a chance to have it. Then, they'll never figure out why they were without it. Twittering all the time is tiring when you have a real phone, and I'm still not 100% how much I *like* it, but by all accounts.. I'm fairly good at it. So, why not run with it and see where it goes.

I know, it's fairly open ended talk and it's very nebulous. But I'll work it out.

Now, why did I do this PSA?

I'm a history freak. Today I went down to the Luxor to check out the Titanic Exhibition, and it really had an impact on me, and I just don't feel like writing about NAB; I don't think I could do Day 3 the justice it deserves right now. Seeing everything from the Titanic, realizing that 98 years and one day ago, they were sailing across the Northern Atlantic... it brings out very profound feelings. Seeing the Grand Staircase mockup made my heart stop for a second, it was unbelievable.

So. No NAB talk from me today, but I'll discuss it all in detail soon. Also, this Saturday I'll be attending the Apollo 13 roundtable with Andrew Chalkin (sp) at the Hutchinson Sports Arena in Hutchinson, KS, sponsored by the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center. I'll be twittering/writing about that too. And whatever else comes my way.

I need to find some fries. They were surprisingly hard to find here in Vegas. That's okay. The other food has been marvelous. And I still have one more night to eat!

I would love to keep an official, neutral, very businesslike tone to this blog, but I really think that I can merge both my whimsical style and that to form my own voice, so I'll leave everyone with a quote (paraphrased.. i can't remember exactly what i wrote) from the Titanic Exhibit that I wrote outside:

"We now have conclusive proof that both man and ship are not indomitable. The spirit however..."
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Day 2 was time to attack every hall I had not. I started at North Hall.

I'm going to have to get both ahead and behind myself and answer a Twitter question from @tektronix.

I mentioned yesterday about how North Hall is flashier and brighter than the others.

NAB's hall structure is unique. Every single one has a different feel. This to me is unique and really tells a tale.

Central Hall is the general consumer grade everyone is open and welcome to be there feel. I definitely like Central the most. It's (pardon the term) the sandbox of NAB. Everyone can play! Everyone is welcome. I enjoy central most of all.

North Hall is bigger, showier, flashier. It's the used car sales booth. Everything is a little bit slicker. This is NOT MEANT TO BE NEGATIVE. The people here smile more than Central. It is definitely more large corporation driven though, or at least has that feel.

South Hall lower is where everyone who isn't in North or Central is. Period. It's very haphazard, and honestly I didn't like going through there. However, they had pens. Lots of pens. SooOoo I can't complain too loudly.. but i should.

South Hall upper: You need a purpose to be there. Anyone like me, who is just a freelance type, a rebel without a company... not very welcome. AP were very very sweet and had a great chat (I started a journalism major). Aside from them, absolutely nothing really for the layperson.


So, back to North Hall. Yesterday I pretty much came straight into the Wi Fi Cafe area. Plugins are incredibly hard to find - I mean for power. There were more ethernet wire hookups than electrical outlets.

With that said, Samsung power station again is awesome and win filled. The NABSHOW.COM wifi is very sketchy at best; I know they have to be overloaded, but it's taken me 10 minutes to load up my twitter page. Ugh. I would highly suggest next year they have more open wifi for everyone in the building, as the infrastructure is already here for it!

I also saw my first iPad, of which I say: Fujitsu Lifebook's not quite as thin, but does so much more. I'll stick with my lovely tablet laptop that I adore so much of.

I will rant.. I mean discuss... more of my thoughts on the wifi situation later on.


Started walking the floor after addressing about 20 questions! Lynx Technik (N5011) is giving away small samples of their product. It works as a stress reliever as well as its intended use. Yay for something I can throw around in frustration!

Florical at N4329 was giving away poker chips with their information on them. I like how they were the first company that I saw doing it, and then eventually saw a few others as well. But that was the first, and I still like it!

Miranda, who I saw/remember from GDC08 was absolutely PACKED (N2515). They STILL are. But they make an awesome product and I really enjoyed watching a bunch of demos. I spent a lot of time here.

Hybrid (N1302) was a company I had heard of via twitter, and I wanted to make sure I stopped by their booth. And wow. Their product, while very advanced, was something even I could understand how to work. (They do 3d virtual set things) The model was very beautiful too (and I told her so!) I need to go back, they had alternative sets that weren't up and running. So neat.

There are smaller booths in north, but they easily get drowned out in the din from the larger ones. This is kind of unfortunate, but at least they have a better placement than south.

I finished North and headed to south. Walk in, and OH HAI IT'S ADOBE. And the crowds. Holy crap. The crowds. So. MANY PEOPLE HOLY CRAP OMG. but.. to be fair? i love their booth. Good stuff. There's a reason they're packed.

Gtech at SL5029 was holding raffles.. and I completely forgot to go back... to get free drives! So go there.

I wrote that North was Haphazard compared to central, but South is even more so. It gives the impression of being completely disorganized. I put it the best on Twitter: "South is an odd amalgamation of companies. not linked well". It still seems like that today after another run through. "South booths appeal to specific markets". Amateurs need not apply was the case really throughout Lower some, but Upper completely.

HP people were super friendly and awesome. I got asked about my email address (ieatfries@mac) and I told her the story, and she said she'd look up my blog later, so I hope you're reading! =D

South Hall = pen haul. This makes me all sorts of happy. Yes it's silly. I got a ton of bags too, but being a writer, fun and good pens are almost a standard for me. Also, I tend to lose them often.

Kanex Live (SL9710) has a product that anyone that uses a MAC to watch movies either to or from it need to get. The product itself is under $100, and their booth will show you why. GO LOOK.

Dear NAB: Tascam should be in central with the other audio. Their products are amazing. Don't stick them in a corner in South. Help them out. Thanks, signed, cat.


I went up the escalator to South Upper, and it was like walking into a frigid air conditioned hole. Very professional (plus), very uptight (minus), very "if you don't have a reason to be here, don't be here at all" (huge minus). I wrote "Upstairs is where one needs a purpose... is definitely cliquey". I would have loved to know more about any of the Accuweather/weather based things (HI! I LIVE IN KANSAS), but no one was approachable for my questions. =/

Avid (SU902) was completely packed. They were pretty awesome to see.


I'm still annoyed at the lack of decent wifi. Last afternoon especially, people were getting booted off left and right, were having issues connecting, and it's ... We're at a technology conference. And many people here USE wifi to use their products. WHY is there not a general easy to use user based one? At&T has links in the hall, but not only is it a pay system, the actual thing isn't working even with an account. =/ LVCC has an infrastructure in place, but that isn't working either, specifically disabled.

It's my hope next year when I come back (yay!) that there will be better stuff in place.. and I'll have a working battery for my tablet. =D


So I am thinking I'm going to run around and see who I can see. I am planning to attend the Hawking session later, and then going to get food after. Tomorrow's my last night in Vegas, and I'm not 100% I'm coming back to the show tomorrow. If this is it for this year, I can't wait to come back next year. I'll work on my 3rd day post later!
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First impressions of NAB 2010:

Nice layout. Everything is pretty spread out. Which some people would say is a horribad thing, but I think it was made a lot easier for anyone who had to walk around. Tighter lines and areas make it less likely you're able to see everything.

It irritates me that the convention center has full Wifi access anywhere, but for the length of the NAB convention, they shut it off. It's very difficult, unless you are an AT&T customer, to grab Wifi anywhere in the building. The Samsung Mobile Charging Stations are nice (that's where I'm typing from atm) but seriously? Not everyone has a smartphone, and not everyone here has a mobile Wifi card. The Wifi Cafe is in North Hall.

First day, the only thing I did was check out Central Hall. North is on the schedule for today and most likely South (or part of it) as well. The rest will be picked up tomorrow.

Pacing is a good key to NAB. I *wanted* to see more yesterday, but I was completely overwhelmed after Central, and I look forward to the same experience. Being overwhelmed isn't a negative thing, but just that there was SO MUCH to look at.

Compared to other conventions, there isn't a lot to actually take pictures of... and not a lot of unique or innovating places. That doesn't mean the EQUIPMENT isn't - there are enough shiny objects in this room to make someone with OCD trip over their own feet and start drooling - it means the displays aren't. However, there are some that really make me look, or make me want to go back include GoPro's (C7519) F1 car (mmm drool vroom), Sennheiser/Neumann's (C2228) really beautiful booth that makes every single piece of equipment available for me to drool over and play with, Sony's (C11001) of course is just amazing. The Sony Corner is deep, dark, and mysterious and I liked it very much. Manfrotto's displays (C6019; now, I'm biased, as I own a stand from these guys) were awesome. All hands on, if someone didn't know what it was about, they'd find you the person that could.

Some of the smaller booths that were very unique: Women's Radio (C1133) booth had a pile of CDs - take as many or as few as you like. The one I got last night is pretty good - I was surprised! HAPPILY! Kat and company there were amazing! I can't wait to join their website and use their services more. Probably some of the most friendly people at this convention! Broadcast Microwave Services booth (C6045) had unique things: They had a Lego wheel running to show the ease, durability, and flexibility of their equipment; they had live concert footage (stop by the booth to find out what!) and .. they had SteadiCam with a Segway there. That is beyond impressive. I wish I could have seen it in more action but the convention center limits them to their booth.

Some very disconcerting, or turnoff things for me: EXHIBITORS. SMILE. If you're all obviously looking bored, obviously being bleh, why should I spend time with you and your booth? I'm there to look at the shinys and learn everything that I can.

Yes, I am female. That doesn't mean I have no idea what a microwave system is, or how many dB are necessary to bleed off into a fade, or something like that. Don't be so surprised that, despite me not being tied to a company here, I actually am a geeky kind of person. However, huge props to Sennheiser/Neumann, Shure (C2013) and AudioTechnica (C1632) for completely rocking me out and getting into taping talk with me. Sennheiser has a set of headphones I want to buy, as well, they're just simply amazing! And I honestly wouldn't think about wanting them had they not given me amazing customer service. So Kudos to you guys!

All in all, I am LOVING Las Vegas, LOVING NAB, and I cannot wait to find out what I see today!

It is now 9 am, and north hall has opened. Time to find the cafe, post this, and then head back out to the show. To get in touch with me when I'm not online, DM me on twitter, (@myrla_cat) and it will forward to my phone. Can leave a number to text if you'd like, and I will get back to you asap! I still do not have a job. :( Or any prospects. :( All I need is a chance. Still holding out hope. I am learning so much about marketing just by walking around out here it is AMAZING. (I also note that many places could use better writers!)

Today I have an orange flower in my hair. If you see me, say hi. I had two people ask me yesterday if I was Pauley Perrette (Ms. Abigail Sciuto) from NCIS. I adore her, I was her for Halloween, but no, I am not her, sadly.

May your feet not hurt, may all your customers have money to give, and may everyone leave with a new experience and a smile on your face. Welcome, NAB Day 2.

(PS: Follow #NABFry hashtag.. i'll be getting fries for lunch. Will cover food in another post. Too excited to hit the floor right now!)
@LVCC @ NAB2010
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Hello to anyone who's never met me before, or coming from twitter.com/myrla_cat. I hope you enjoy my ramblings. :)

A bit about me so I only need to do this once: I'm nearing 30. I have shiny purple/red hair. I grew up in Kansas, spent 4 years in Wilmington, NC, and 2 years in the Greater DC Area (Alexandria VA and near Waldorf, MD). I have been doing marketing/promotions/repping for various organizations since 1998. I am finally attending NAB this year after wanting to since being a Journalism Major when I first started college. The only degree I own at the moment is an Associate of Arts in English from Hutchinson Community College in 2001. I consider myself a good writer and a better editor. I'm more into print and that ilk rather than the electronic angle of things, but all in all, I love it all. I worked briefly for RPGamer.com covering GDC2008 in San Francisco, and that was the last con of sorts that I've worked at.

I am currently looking for a job. I'm back in Kansas, north of Wichita, technically in the greater Wichita/Hutchinson Metro area. I'm looking both in Kansas and the Midwest, and in the San Diego metro. However, if anyone stumbles upon my blog, likes what I do, likes what I write, and has any job openings, you can reach me at ieatfries@mac.com, or by DMing my twitter account. Twitter DMs go directly to my phone, but I'll be checking email as much as I can. I don't have a smartphone because it's silly for me when I have an awesome tablet PC :) I'll be in Vegas until Friday, and excepting Monday night, we have no other plans. My goal for NAB is hoping to find a job. We'll see how this goes.


It's been a touch under 48 hours since I arrived at McCarran. This "country" mouse loves Las Vegas. I've gotten some great material to keep working on my creative writing as well as a few ideas for some promotional writing I might be doing. Freelancing is fun, and I wish it were as lucrative as it is fun.

The airport is extremely large. Bags arrived fast, shuttle service was nice cheap and easy (as most things in town are, it's incredibly easy to spend money), the hotel is nice - I would recommend Bally's for anyone who loves bathtubs! The bathroom is the best part of the room. I am a huge bath enthusiast (I made it a point yesterday to walk down to Mandalay Bay just to go to Lush! Lush Cosmetics is one of if not the best company to buy bath things from. Cruelty free, hand made, very lovely goodness. Some of if not the best in the industry.) and Bally's bathtub is just.. magnifique. Their wired 13.95/day internet is excessive and ridiculous.

Everything is very loud here in Vegas. The pit floor is extremely - I actually have hearing loss to the point i can't hear anything, but I read lips, so I get by - and the slot machines roll up on my tinnitus and have a party. I spent about 3 hours between Bellagio's and Luxor's floors yesterday just watching people. I don't have money to throw around (I've been out of work since November last) so it's just interesting watching everyone else do so.

I don't mind walking places, and that's a good thing. Taxis are expensive here in Vegas, akin to New York prices .. or more, I think, actually; it's been a few years since I've been in NYC, but there, as here, I walk as much as I can.

Some great things:

They have Slurpees. When I lived outside DC, I had one every day. Now, for a week, I get to relive that fun. (there are none remotely close to where i live). Noms.. slurpees. About a mile and a half to get a slurpee is completely worth it, and don't even bother to question me on it. ;)

You can walk into a lot of stores that open on the strip, buy a beer, uncork it, and walk along and drink it. I managed to find Apple flavored Framboise, a Lambic that I love to drink, in a small bottle, so I might have to go down there later. (The ABC by MGM Grand and the M&M Store)

We ate at Ichiban, the Japanese Restaurant here at Bally's, last night, and it was very good. The Sake was Excellent, enough that I couldn't finish it all, so it's chilling here in my room waiting to be finished. :) To go cups for alcohol is awesome.


I am very impressed at how all of Vegas is designed to take money. I know, it seems like a funny statement to make. But everything is both designed to take it from you, and forget how much you spend. I love going into boutiques and shops here, but some prices are just holy wow. That's how much I make in a month! They're all very nice though, and letting me try on things just makes me feel more like a pretty girl and less than a windblown tourist.

I am loving the people watching here. People from all nations, etc. I am a pidgin speaker of about 5 languages, and understand about 3 more, so it's REALLY fascinating to just listen in here and there. never has "Come in, Tokyo" had a more interesting meaning. :)


I've already had some requests, so I'll repost here as well:

This blog started at GDC08 because at the time I was vegetarian. There isn't a lot to eat except for Salads and Fries at times like that ... and i love fries. I LOVE fries. They are a food group to me. At home, my family does not use salt at all, so as a result I tend not to use it when I'm out, either. It makes me a little more sensitive to it as well.

Any fry entries on twitter will have the hashtag #NABFry.

Ate at Margaritaville @ Flamingo for lunch. Salad and Fries. Fries were nice consistency, but didn't hold up and dried out quickly. #NABFry

We ate at Margaritaville at the Flamingo (North side, across the street from the Caesar's shops entrances). it sucked trying to get there. very very very busy. Inside was nice, the drink I had barely had any alcohol (but.... that could just be me) and wasn't very big. Decent tasting though.

The plate was nice and large and heated a bit so they didn't lose their heat. Negatives for having nowhere extra for ketchup, but positives are that they were not oversalted (in fact, barely any) and the spices were very good. They got quite a bit dried out by the end, and lost any heat fairly fast. Overall, about 3 ketchup packets - 4 had they held their heat. dry fries are easy to eat compared with cold ones. And at least they were not soggy. I'd probably eat there again.


Tonight we're seeing the Tournament of Kings at Excalibur at 830. So excited. Beyond excited. Cannot wait excited! But I'm a girl. I need to start getting ready!
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Virginia Coalition, Home This Year
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I will be running a blog on my experiences at NABShow 2010 ( http://www.nabshow.com/ )this year right here! I will also be live tweeting from my phone as much as possible over at twitter.com/myrla_cat (I update by text message. No Smart Phone here!)

I'll try to do it as much as time, space, or my fingers allow. I've never been to Las Vegas nor NAB before, but I'll do my best!

T minus 3 days and counting....

Any vendors who have free pens, please find me! I'd like to see if I could break my record from GDC08 (52 I believe).. and with 1800+ exhibitors, I hope so! =D

PS: Anyone have any <3 with an icon maker and could get me an NAB Icon made? <3 in advance and I promise to find you something neat while there!
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It's the first day of the month. If you could have one wish come true this month, what would it be?

That i might be able to see my beloved again this month. We wait 5-6 months between vacations. But I consistantly miss Him, every day, and since He had to leave yesterday.. it's a very obvious choice.

Also, this month is our year anniversary, and how sweet it would be.
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To love. To be loved. To never forget your own insignificance. To never get used to the unspeakable violence and the vulgar disparity of life around you. To seek joy in the saddest places. To pursue beauty to its lair. To never simplify what is complicated or complicate what is simple. To respect strength, never power. Above all, to watch. To try and understand. To never look away. And never, never, to forget.
- Arundhati Roy (on the Mumbai attacks)
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Marc Copely
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I made it! how did I do that?

I didn't think I would :D

I'll probably do another month again, but next month is not it. With me going on vacation on the last week of it, I might be too tied up (ahem) to even remotely be near a computer.

It was an adventure. And I dunno. Maybe Nano next year. But it really all just depends on what the next year holds. I do know, however, I should use this journal more. :o)

So i will. That's what I learned this month.

Now to go enjoy my last couple hours before work begins again. What a week.


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today is a lazy day. Working on my room, playing with my cats, watching DVDs, looking up stuff online for my parents, as they're out buying Christmas Presents, and generally just being lazy. It has been snowing off and on , which I think is cool. I get to eat all the leftover pasta I want at the moment, and I am working on cleaning my room too, as it needs it. If I can condense some stuff down, I'll be able to move some winter clothes into my room from outside.

My work schedule is looking better. I'm still on target to have $1k in savings by the time I leave for Cali, but I'm curbing spending as much on Christmas as I was previously planning. And I'm still hoping to use my next year's tax refund to at least put a sizable dent in another bill.

Tomorrow the blog a day for a month is done. And I'll have finished. I'm right proud of myself. But for now, movies and food awaits. And I'm going to work on my room today, I do plan on that. But both my parents even said for me to take it easy, and I'm planning to do a bit of that too.

Also, whomever bought me "The Other Boleyn Girl" from my wishlist: Thank you very much. <3
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