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or, how I stopped worrying, and loved the potato.

19 May 1980
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Consider this my writing journal to the world. I named it when I was in San Fransisco, because everywhere I went, all I wanted to eat were fries. Being a vegetarian, it's rather difficult sometimes to find food that's both appetizing and tasty. Notice I didn't say healthy. ;)

I will of course be adding things here.. from poetry, to writing about GDC2008 and my interviews, to book reviews, music reviews/rants, and much more. I wanted another journal aside from my personal one.

Feel free to friend me and tell your friends about me. This is for entertainment, education, and for fun.

If you like what you see, drop comments and emails. If you'd like to do the world a favor, please click on the link below. Animal rescue and rehabilitation is something I firmly support, believe in, and practice.

The Animal Rescue Site

Also: I borrow icons from many pages. If I am using one and not attributing it to you, please drop me a line and I will credit.

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